Yellow Zoanthids

The best way we could think of to help you find the zoas you want or have been looking to indentify is via the main colour, although we may not have chosen the colour that is seen most on the zoanthid in question we have selected the most dominant colour to the viewer and placed them into colour categories in this way. You can use our advanced search if you wish to find zoas with specific colours from the zoanthids anotomy chart.

  • Clotted Cream  (Zoanthus)

  • With a hint of blue in the core these creamy yellow zoas bring a little brightness to a zoa garden that is often needed with all the mixed colours and deep red zoas that can dominate. A low growing tight zoa that looks great on mass.
  • LA Laker  (Zoanthus)

  • The La Lakers are a mixed bunch of zoas, the one in the image has a genuine blue tint in the base colour but many zoas named as LA Lakers have either a grey or brown base colour. Either way the golden yellow bands and lashes make for a high contrast good looking zoa.
  • Yellow Nebula   (Zoanthus gigantus)

  • One for the PE collectors, although not a true people eater it has the feel of one and the space like patterns of a distant nebula. The classic neon green mouth is followed by almost pure white into creamy yellow spatters, a subtle pink tinge finishes this stunning mottled effect.