Red Zoanthids

The best way we could think of to help you find the zoas you want or have been looking to indentify is via the main colour, although we may not have chosen the colour that is seen most on the zoanthid in question we have selected the most dominant colour to the viewer and placed them into colour categories in this way. You can use our advanced search if you wish to find zoas with specific colours from the zoanthids anotomy chart.

  • Happy People Eaters  (Zoanthus gigantus)

  • These People Eaters have dust like freckles a little like Magicians but are not Magicians as they posses the neon green mouth and lined markings of a People Eater. On mass these zoas make for real impact and a drift of solid bright red across rock work in any tank.
  • Magician  (Zoanthus gigantus)

  • The True Magician zoa has no neon green mouth as it is not a People Eater. It has a white mouth and a very clearly defined area that the turquoise speckles never stray from. The rich red stripped outer are leading to the tentacles is very much like many other reds within the Zoanthus gigantus group of zoas.
  • Predator  (Zoanthus gigantus)

  • A real impact of a zoa with vibrant orange/red against deep black/browns and some very obvious banding coming out from the outer disc to the tentacle crown. The light mouth with dark oral disc sets off the lines of orange/red with real contrast.
  • Seduction  (Zoanthus gigantus)

  • This is the king of all zoanthids with the neon green mouth of a People Eater but an ice blue covering over a normal rich, deep red disc. The deep red bands that run from the mouth to the outer tentacle crown peer through underneath their frosty blue coating. Just look at it in all it's glory.....need I say more.