Purple Zoanthids

The best way we could think of to help you find the zoas you want or have been looking to indentify is via the main colour, although we may not have chosen the colour that is seen most on the zoanthid in question we have selected the most dominant colour to the viewer and placed them into colour categories in this way. You can use our advanced search if you wish to find zoas with specific colours from the zoanthids anotomy chart.

  • Deep Space  (Zoanthus gigantus)

  • A large zoanthid with a broad light purple outer and a truly stunning banded bright green oral disc with pure white spatters that can be more or less dominant if the heads are larger or receive more light. If you want something large with real colour then this is the one for you.
  • Joker  (Zoanthus)

  • Joker zoas take their name from the two distinct colours that make up the overall look of this high contrast zoa. With lime green neon lashes and a deep purple/brown disc they have great impact on mass, the dark background to the zoas makes the lashes stand out even more so than a normal green lashed zoa. If you don't have these in your collection find them and get them.