Multi Coloured Zoanthids

The best way we could think of to help you find the zoas you want or have been looking to indentify is via the main colour, although we may not have chosen the colour that is seen most on the zoanthid in question we have selected the most dominant colour to the viewer and placed them into colour categories in this way. You can use our advanced search if you wish to find zoas with specific colours from the zoanthids anotomy chart.

  • Candy Apple Red  (Zoanthus gigantus)

  • The Candy Apple Red is seen as one of the finest of all, from bright green through to a vibrant red outer edge and lashes. They are very good growers so the initial outlay for one of these is well worth it will several heads growing out within months if the conditions are right for them.
  • Fruit Loops  (Zoanthus)

  • A classic zoa that should be in every collection, full of colour a good grower and simply great to look at. Two variety seem to exist one with a brown base colour and another with a grey/blue base, both look very similar under a bluer light, this darker base colour makes the orange lashes and yellow ring look incredibly vibrant.
  • Pink Hippo  (Zoanthus gigantus)

  • Another large zoa with a stunning combination of colours. It features gold flecks in the green of the oral disc and a green core, the lashes have a warm pink colouration and the outer band has a distinctive dark line that divides the two halves. When seen on mass they make a real impact and focal point within any reef tank.
  • Summer Lovin  (Zoanthus)

  • What a zoa, two stunning solid colours make up this very good sized zoa and if you imagine 3 or 4 heads together just think what a colony would look like as the center piece in a tank. Red and green together with a little purple to mix in with it makes one of the nicest brightest zoas you could ever want.
  • Triple Teaser  (Zoanthus)

  • All you could want in a colourful zoa, with multiple changes in colour from centre to the tips of the lashes, these Triple Teaser are just that. The colours that make up this zoa complement each other in every way from rusty reds to golden yellow and high contrast between the white mouth cone and the dark ring on the disc. Truly stunning zoas to help add to any collection lacking in yellow forms.