Blue Zoanthids

The best way we could think of to help you find the zoas you want or have been looking to indentify is via the main colour, although we may not have chosen the colour that is seen most on the zoanthid in question we have selected the most dominant colour to the viewer and placed them into colour categories in this way. You can use our advanced search if you wish to find zoas with specific colours from the zoanthids anotomy chart.

  • Blue Steel  (Zoanthus)

  • Although a stunning zoa the Blue Steels has become a real challenge to keep alive, they seem to do well in good flow and good light and have shown new growth in very low nutrient systems. If you can keep them you will have yourself one of the most amazing looking zoas about, when seen on mass the metallic deep blue and green/yellow lashes grab the eye of any tank viewer.
  • Blue Vice  (Zoanthus)

  • Another of the vice family, but this time with a deeper blue outer disc and green oral cone, this collection of zoas makes for a very nice candy coloured collection that will make a great impact in any tank once grown out. Look out for other vice zoas as they sit very well together.
  • Broken Sky  (Zoanthus)

  • Broken Sky zoas require good light and low nutrients to hold the lovely pastel blue tones with less light and higher nutrients the colours are masked by the browning from the algae in the tissue. Stunning yellow highlights and a general very nice zoa.
  • Fairy Dust  (Zoanthus)

  • A lovely light blue zoa with yellow highlight that are almost like a dusting of yellow powder over both the tips of the lashes and on the oral cone around the mouth. A rare colour to find in a zoas that does not have the same difficulties of care as some other blue forms.
  • Spiderman  (Zoanthus)

  • These are true spiderman zoas with a blue core and red lashes. Stunning on mass and a great looking zoa under white and blue with a balance in the middle bringing out the best in the two contrasting colours.