Zoanthids and Palythoas care and datasheets

Over the next two years we aim to make Zoanthids.co.uk one of the best online resources for sourcing zoanthid names, varieties, morphs and aiding any reefer to understand the care methods to collect and maintain different forms and types of zoanthids (zoas) and Palythoa (palys)

If you would like to contribute zoa care observations or photographic content to Zoanthids.co.uk please feel free to get in touch and help us to build a better resource.

Zoanthids (Zoas) Care Guides

Our ever growing database of zoanthid forms and varieties includes care guides, feeding requirements and light/depth information per zoanthid form.


Palythoa (palys) Care Guides

Our Palythoa guide is currently being put together, we require any full shots of palys and detailed macro shots.

If you can help us build on this section of the database please get in touch.